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  1. Kindergarten Coordinator (PG-SmartCampus) PG-SmartCampus Campus

    - Supervisory &amp Monitoring role - Teacher supervision, guidance &amp Development - Planning of allocation and placement of teachers as per need - To act as a consultant, helper, a friend and a guide to all concerned staff so that the school can uplift its standards and exhibit excellence in all spheres. - Arrange orientation/workshops for new teachers in order to familiarise them with GIIS culture. - Familiarise teachers with school policies, systems and instructional goals. - Improve instruction of study by introducing new aids and training teachers to use it. - Take care of resource needs for specific segment. - To take care of timely execution of all curiculim related activities. - Motivate teachers to accept the responsibility for self development through continous learning and training. Facilitate feedback required for parents .

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