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  1. IT Teacher (PG-SmartCampus) PG-SmartCampus Campus

    Organize, maintain and manage class systems in proper working condition. Teach students and learners to use computers. Design and develop appropriate computer instructional material. Manage and monitor student behavior. Initiate and implement systems, procedures and other student management issues. Develop and implement lesson plans and classroom activities in consistent with the student management issues. Conduct group training sessions. Determine and troubleshoot technology services for staff. Coordinate and collaborate with lead teacher, principal and instructional coaches. Integrate special lesson plans with core academic curriculum.

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  2. Photography Instructor (PG-SmartCampus) PG-SmartCampus Campus

    - As Photography instructors the teacher will have to work on improving the skills and performance of their students. - The Photography Teacher will teach the students the fundamentals of digital photography in a fun, informational and inspirational manner - They provide insight from a firsthand perspective and demonstrate various techniques. - Through interactive workshops the students will discover an understanding of the camera and will develop an eye and the skills needed to capture, edit and produce high quality photographs. - Photography instructors must stock and maintain their classroom to ensure they’re ready for the students to use. - Photography instructors must be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of camera use. They must practice their own photography and display the pictures that show various techniques and tips that teach their students. - The instructors will work with students on their individual photo shoots

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