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  1. Middle School Teacher - Social Studies (EastCoast) EastCoast Campus

    Job description KEY RESPONSIBILITIES Functional Subject Knowledge and Methodological Competence · Demonstrates the necessary subject knowledge and methodological strategies to effectively educate students. · Assists in managing curriculum and study courses for the students’ development. · Provides students with structure and support in a safe learning environment to enable them to develop socially, emotionally and morally. · Introduces new study patterns among the students to develop their interest and do regular studies. · Gives practical analysis of the courses to create interest. · Develops the lesson plan in accordance with the curriculum guidelines, and presents the lesson plans to the academic coordinators for approval. · Plans lessons based on inquiry, focussed on conceptual understanding, differentiated to meet the needs of all learners and informed by assessment (formative and summative) · Reviews the feedback from the academic coordinators and revises the lesson plans accordingly · Keeps up to date with the latest teaching aids, such as the use of technology in classroom learning, and integrate these into the teaching process · Creates challenging and engaging learning opportunities for students, and fosters a classroom atmosphere that is conducive for learning · Develops worksheets, handouts, and other learning materials in line with the lesson plan and curriculum, as well as the assessments and examinations. · Responsible for the timely marking and correction of assignments completed by the students Organizational Competence: · Creates a well-organized, orderly and task-oriented learning environment. · Assesses students’ progress and reports to the principal about them. Conduct assessment tests to evaluate students’ progress · Assesses, records and reports on the development, progress and results of students · Identifies students who may require additional assistance, academic or non-academic, and ensures they receive the necessary support · Contributes to extra-curricular activities and participates in school activities such as assemblies, meetings and conferences · Ensures the safety of students at all times Reflection and Development: · Reflects regularly on the development of personal and professional capabilities. · Communicates the development of students to the Coordinator & Principal. Interaction Focussed on effective teamwork and collaboration · Collaborates with other teachers to share new ideas, teaching approaches, content and professional knowledge · Communicates and provides feedback to the parents during the Parent Teacher Meetings, and whenever necessary Interpersonal Competence: · Creates an atmosphere of trust by dealing with students in a positive and open way. · Ensures open communication channel and coordination with parents and others involved in the education and development of the students. · Enables students understand their strengths and weaknesses in order to support their learning and personal development. JOB REQUIREMENTS Minimum Qualifications · Graduate & Bachelor in Education · Preferred Masters in the desired Subject with International Teaching Qualification · Computer literacy, is required to work on software. · Fluent English Level: reading, writing, speaking; a professional command of the English language. · Strong technology application skills. · Ability to support Blended cum Hybrid Learning. · Competent in applying the principles of Digital Pedagogy. Experience · 3-5 years of Teaching experience · Understanding curriculum standards and Principles of Humanities · Creating stimulating lesson plans to foster maximum student’s engagement in Humanities · Developing in the students the capacity to identify, analyse critically and evaluate theories, concepts and arguments about the nature and activities of the individual and society · Enabling the student to collect, describe and analyse data used in studies of society, and to test hypotheses and interpret complex data and source material · Promoting the appreciation of the way in which learning is relevant to both the culture in which the student lives and the cultures of other societies · Developing an awareness in the student that human attitudes and opinions are widely diverse and that a study of society requires an appreciation of such diversity. · Enabling the student to recognize that the content and methodologies of the individuals and societies subjects are contestable and that their study requires the tolerance of uncertainty. · Encouraging the systematic and critical study of: human experience and behaviour; physical, economic and social environments; the history and development of social and cultural institutions. · Promoting awareness of the importance of environmental, social and ethical factors in the actions of individuals and organizations. · Adjusting teaching practices to support differentiated learning. · Creating awareness of the importance of environmental, social and ethical factors in the actions of individuals and organizations · Enabling the student to appreciate the nature and significance of change in a local, regional and global context · Taking part in the process of mentoring and supervising of the Extended Essay component of the IB for Languages and world studies. · Willing to teach Languages across the age and ability ranges from Cambridge Lower Secondary (Grades 6 - 8) through to IGCSE (Grades 9 & 10) and CBSE (6-12) · Identifying and teaching study skills that will develop students ability to work both independently and collaboratively. · Planning activities and worksheets to include approaches to learning.

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  2. Bookshop Executive (EastCoast) EastCoast Campus

    KEY RESPONSIBILITIES Functional  Manages the daily sales at the campus bookshop  Maintains the bookshop accounting records, generates daily and monthly transaction records, and presents these records to the reporting supervisor  Ensures the bookshop is adequately stocked by reviewing stock and inventory control levels  Carries out stock readjustment and posting of stock entries in the bookshop system, if needed  Coordinates bookshop stock and activities with other function of the campus  Stays informed of incoming customer orders though MyGIIS, where applicable  Prepares customer orders for delivery or pick-up  Assists walk-in customers with the purchases  Attends to customer enquiries  Conduct on lines sales including updating on system and liaising with courier company for deliveries  Maintain stationery stock and distribution for staff/teachers JOB REQUIREMENTS Minimum Qualifications Bachelor s Degree

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