Global Schools Foundation (GSF), headquartered in Singapore, operates campuses across South East Asia, including Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, India and Vietnam, and the Middle East, including UAE. Our worldwide operations and growing network of international schools have attracted the best talent in academic and non-academic positions. Growing competitiveness, evolving patterns in academic delivery and challenging customer expectations, have made the K-12 education space attractive for both experienced professionals and new graduates.

Global Indian International School (GIIS) in India

With sprawling and well-equipped campuses across India, Global Indian International School (GIIS) provides students with exposure and insights through international knowledge-exchange programmes.

GIIS campuses in India offer holistic education that encourages students to excel in multiple disciplines, such as academics, sports, music and dramatics. Honoured with 19 international and national awards for excellence in school education, GIIS schools worldwide have been recognised for imparting education using globally-benchmarked quality practices.

GIIS campuses in India offer the following curricula: CBSE | CBSE International | Global Montessori Plus programme