We inspire to excel

At Global Schools Foundation (GSF), opportunity beckons those who believe in pursuing their goals . GSF welcomes exceptional individuals who are united in their beliefs and values in ensuring ‘the best of everything’ in each task undertaken by them.

Members of GSF fraternity inspire by ‘walking the talk’ and lead the path forward by seeking multi-dimensional solutions. At GSF schools, teachers and staff usher transformation in students by encouraging them to explore various spheres of knowledge. They lead by example and work as a team with students to seek solutions. GSF believes that good teaching is as much about passion as it is about reason.

No wonder then that students at GSF schools are nurtured to become future ready winners. For young global citizens, each day at school is a celebration of the Global spirit to persevere and triumph. They get numerous opportunities to equip themselves with academics, sports or co-curricular skills. Their inclination to learn and participate in different activities sets them apart from their peers. They get motivated to excel in what they envision as their boundaries and set new targets for themselves.

Awards and recognition

At GSF, accomplishment and excellence have a tryst with rewards and recognition. Excellence is a virtue held in the highest esteem and recognised with awards and appreciation. The Global School Awards have been instituted to recognize the undying commitment and performance excellence of teachers, staff and students .GSF, the recipient of 17 world-class awards for education excellence believes in recognizing and rewarding its 'Top-Gun team' of star performers.

Global Centre for Education Excellence

The Global Centre for Education Excellence (GCEE) is based on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Programme of USA. Implemented in all GSF schools, the GCEE programme monitors and reviews the performance of all campuses. Role of the GCEE evaluation in strengthening schools:
  • To help improve organisational performance practices, capabilities and results
  • To facilitate communication and sharing of the best practices among schools
  • To serve as a working tool for understanding and managing performance and guide proper planning of opportunities for learning.
These evaluation criteria help Global Schools to use an aligned approach to organisational performance-management that result in improvement in the overall organisational effectiveness and capabilities